ECGC (Amsterdam)
The European Center for Global Challenges
is a newly-established independent think tank focused on stimulating international expert dialogue on pressing issues such as security and intercultural communication. The Center operates as an independent expert community, free from any singular political or ideological stance, fostering an environment of respectful and well-founded discourse. The organization aims to counter authoritarian and populist trends in contemporary public discourse, advocating for the primacy of free exchange of ideas and supporting research in social sciences.
Its inaugural report, titled "Russia Under Non-Military Pressures: Expectations, Realities, and Lessons of Sanctions" serves as a cornerstone for its mission, offering a deep dive into the impact and implications of economic and diplomatic pressures on Russia.
The ECGC aspires to be a hub for rational and open dialogue, aimed at fostering a more secure and inclusive global community.

The report was produced under the auspices of the European Center for Global Challenges' program titled "Independent Expert Platform." This initiative invites a diverse range of specialists to contribute to its research, without necessitating any ideological or organizational allegiance to the Center. Studies carried out within this framework can encompass a variety of viewpoints, even those that may be contradictory. The only guiding principles for these undertakings are scientific rigor and openness to critical analysis.